Perimeter & Border Surveillance with DAS

Harness the power of fibre optics

DAS Intrusion Detection

Fotech's Helios DAS technology provides a dynamic and ‘invisible’ fence monitoring solution.  Operators can prevent perimeter breaches from occurring, utilise existing sensors more effectively and to prioritise the most effective responses to incidents.

A fully integrated and networked Helios DAS solution can span a limitless distance, giving operators continuous, high resolution asset surveillance and monitoring across the full length of remote or long range assets, such as large facility perimeters, power-lines, railway lines or national borders.

Helios DAS also enables the complexity of multiple traditional monitoring techniques to be stripped away, effectively making security and surveillance a ‘one screen’ operation via its simple, intuitive and graphical interface.

Helios DAS can accurately locate and classify threat events, providing a trigger for CCTV, security lighting, GIS mapping systems and other networked security systems. The system provides security personnel with location details of an event or intrusion and helps other surveillance and security measures to be directed to the right place exactly when they are required.